Community Impact Award - SME

HCC Hamilton Gives 2024 | Hamilton Chamber of Commerce


Honours small to medium organizations that exemplify extraordinary dedication to our community through impactful initiatives that are enriching the lives of their employees and community at large.

The award will be presented to a designated company official at the event in 2024.

All documents and information submitted may be utilized to create a brief video presentation which will be shown during the awards evening, however if there is information which you are providing to us which may be of a confidential nature (i.e. financial statements, stock reports, etc.) please clearly identify as CONFIDENTIAL and this information will not be utilized or made public.

The winners may be required to participate in media coverage of the award.

Finalists will be required to purchase their own tickets to the event.

Criterion Weight
Program Development 40.0%
Community Impact 40.0%
Awards Extras 20.0%