Citizen of the Year

HCC Outstanding Business Achievement Awards | Hamilton Chamber


Individuals must have performed the act for which they are being nominated in a voluntary capacity in the community, over and above those required of them in the performance of their regular professional duties. Or, in the course of their professional activity, have brought outstanding/remarkable attention to the community on a provincial, national or international basis.

Criteria Includes:

• Leadership

• Volunteerism

• Community Benefits

• Commitment

• Good Citizenship

• Hamilton Resident

• Brings awareness of the community outside town boundaries

Nominator must provide:

1. 200-word biography of the Citizen being nominated

2. Three (3) additional letters of support from other members of the community. These can be e-mailed to Julia at: or uploaded in your appliction. Please no hard copies.

If you have any questions, please e-mail Julia at